In God Alone!

After a much too long hiatus of “Bee For God”, a hearty and heartfelt, “HI” and “God bless you”, to all my friends, near and far, known and not yet known. I have been absent much too long and have decided it is time to resurrect and revamp “Bee For God”. The following is actually a Facebook post I wrote 2 years ago that popped up as a memory the other day. After reading it, I decided that I should not only share it, but end 2021 and begin 2022 with a godly perspective and joyful anticipation for not only the year to come, but also all that we can “Be For God!”

From Facebook Post: December 20, 2019

I am not usually one to post long and never ending missives, but my heart is overflowing and I feel compelled to share what has been stirring for a long time. During this holiday season my thoughts are turned to the “reason for the season”. I am torn by all the divisiveness I see in the news media, social media outlets, even in our schools, on our roads, in the shopping malls, and in our everyday lives. Places we go for respite are few and far between. I look around me as I go about my day and observe that even smiles and common courtesy seem to be non-existent these days. People seem so caught up in the daily grind and constant drama of life, they are oblivious to the miracles around them: a smile, a giggle from a little child, a beautiful sunrise or sunset, the cool, crisp breeze against our skin, the most stunning blue of the sky. Do we even stop to notice these things anymore?

Many, many years ago our founding fathers, filled with a wisdom that can only come from God Almighty, founded a country and wrote a document based on four little words, “IN GOD WE TRUST”! What has changed? Certainly not God, certainly not His son, about whom this season is a remembrance. Our Lord was born because of a loving, heavenly Father. Jesus was sent to redeem all of mankind and bring them to his Father. We all have the same access to come to Him with a willing heart and say, “Lord I believe”! Perhaps it is time to put aside our differences and come together under one banner, that of our Lord Jesus Christ and once again proclaim for all the world to hear….IN GOD WE TRUST! And if I may add to this, IN GOD ALONE WE TRUST!

In this upcoming year 2021, that many are calling the year of vision, let us change our point of vision. Let us turn from division, anger, strife, and bitterness. Let us turn our eyes to love, peace, kindness, and caring. Our Lord laid down his life so that we can change our point of view. We are no longer citizens of this world, but we are citizens of heaven and children of the most high God. That’s quite a perspective! We look upon our brothers and sisters as He does; with kindness and love. Our Lord has already paid the price for each one of us and all have the right and ability to choose to believe or not believe. As we choose to turn our eyes to our rightful heavenly perspective, perhaps we can see our country return to the precepts and concepts it once fought and died for!

Psalm 33:12

Blessed in the nation whose God is the LORD; the people whom he hath chosen for his own inheritance.

May the upcoming year, 2022, be the year we expect greater things. Perhaps if we do, we will actually see and experience greater: greater love, greater compassion, greater kindness, greater joy, greater mercy.


God Bless You! I Love You! Have a Merry Christmas and joyful and prosperous Happy New Year!

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